Entrance ABN-AMRO head office

The Amsterdam local authority is working on plans for the building of an underground cycle park and a redesign of the Gustav Mahlerplein. The head office of the ABN-AMRO borders the east side of the Mahlerplein and sees this as an opportunity to present itself to its surroundings in a new guise. The present outdoor area is dated, hard, neglected and showing signs of heavy wear and tear. By conferring more importance on the forecourt and involving indoors with outdoors in a closer way, the ABN-AMRO can present itself to the Mahlerplein in a representative way.

The forecourt is converted into a meticulously designed and kept garden that has something to offer at every moment of the year. There is always colour here. Gentle slopes in the terrain ensure that you are enveloped in the garden. Three pavilions with flowing forms stand in it. The paths are winding and the transition from borders to greenery is gradual. Only one paving material is used. The widest paths are suitable for cars. These principles have been elaborated in detail for the forecourt in three different models.

‘Putting the client first’ also means opening up the building to its surroundings. That in turn means a larger entrance that is inviting and affords a better view of what goes on inside. People in the foyer feel more closely connected with the outside world because they have a good view of the garden from indoors.

Bank employees will presently be able to work in a green environment and to receive their clients there. They have brief contact with nature every day and experience the changing seasons. Visitors to the South Axis, particularly the Mahlerplein, can enjoy the exceptional green quality that ABN-AMRO adds to the Mahlerplein.


Location: South Axis Amsterdam, South Holland

Client: ABN-AMRO

In collaboration with: de Architecten Cie

Area: 0.5 ha

Design year: 2014


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